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Functions of UTE-software

 Main functions of the UTE software are:

  • The operation software is based on WINDOWS and provides TCP/IP interfaces to other WINDOWS programs;

  • Support of EMA - and Piezoelectric Probes;

  • Support of TR-Probes and Phased Arrays;

  • Wall thickness measurement;

  • Support of configurations for inspection of plates, strips, bars, billets and pipes;

  • Support of up to 16 zones in the test object with separate testing standards and criteria;

  • Real-time visualization of test process;

  • Fully adjustable test settings;

  • A-scan, B-scan, C-scan for every channel;

  • Logging of test results in a database;

  • Automatic adjustment of equipment parameters;

  • Sensitivity adjustment window;

  • Support of re-evaluation of testing results using new settings;  

  • "Channel State” window;

  • “Test Results” window;

  • Automatic test results saving in PDF format;

  • Test reports in accordance with supported standards.

  • A-scan dynamic memory function;

Displaying of the test results 

The exact form of the test report is the subject to agreement. The advanced test results representation, namely А, B and С-scans, is available. All required information about calibration; inspection and tested material are displayed on the monitor in the form of a test report. 

The information about all detected defects is available, stored in the PC memory for each Test Object. Any additional information, received from the upper level computer is available and stored in the PC memory for each test object. The storage time is minimum 6 months.

Each test report includes the following information: 

  • Total number of defects;

  • Defects area (single defects or their groups);

  • Percentage of defects groups;

  • Maximum length and width of the defects; 

  • Evaluation result; 

  • Automatic self-testing report;

  • Detector diagnostics report;

  • All detectors state table;

  • Test results saving function includes data recording, printing and displaying;

  • Test results to be transferred to the upper level computer.



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