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Our new product was developed based on our huge multi-year experience in the field of NDT. Nordinkraft created new modular hardware for a wide range of use named: SONAFLEX. 

“SonaFlex” is a unique intelligent ultrasonic testing system with flexible hardware architecture. 

Basic set of equipment could be easily re-configured for generation of all possible types of ultrasonic waves for any kind of lab or industrial applications:

- Internal, surface and sub-surface defects detection;

     - Precise wall thickness measurement.

The SONAFLEX could be used separately or as a part of automatic or semi-automatic ultrasonic testing systems. At that all data from electronics unit will be transferred to computing unit by Ethernet or optical cable.  

This is a high-tech complex set of equipment, realizes a transmitting and receiving of acoustic signals with different parameters as e.g.:

- Type of acoustic wave;

- Frequency;

- Beam angle, etc.

This product can be used for creation of relatively small NDT-systems as well as for execution of different types of lab tests. SONAFLEX is available in some variations.

The main application field of SONAFLEX is the execution of ultrasound research works with implication of different sensor types (EMAT, Piezo), that can be used for defect detection or definition of  the test object’s dimensions.


Basic Parameters of SONAFLEX

SONAFLEX can be adjusted in order to achieve exact technical goals and fulfill the customer requirements:

- Up to 3 frequencies within one unit range of 0,5 – 7,0 MHz;

- Different types of sensors can be plugged to SONAFLEX: for generation

  and receiving of acoustic signals with diverse parameters;

     - Up to 16 independent multiprocessing channels may be implemented;

- Single - or multi-channel transducers based on EMA or Piezo technology

  are applicable for the device. Phased array can be applied with this device as well;

- 16 external system connections. 

Therefore, SONAFLEX can be easily re-configured in accordance with different requests of our Customers.






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