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 RIDER is a set of sophisticated, PC-based, and flexible quality testing equipment. It can examine quality of plates and slabs by means of ultrasonic waves (UT-test) and/or Eddy Current (EC-test) -  according to any modern norms and standards.


RIDER is intended to solve the following industrial tasks:

- Detection of small cracks in the surface and under the surface.

  The reference depth of a crack to be detected starts from 0,2 mm;

- Detection of laminations. The reference size of lamination starts

  from 0,8 mm for aluminium plates and 1,2 mm for steel plates;

- Detection of zones of mechanical properties uniformity.

RIDER is controlled by operator; however, because of its sophisticated design, the test results do not depend on operator at all. The intelligent system controls the scanning process and makes the decision “Good” or “Bad” automatically.


RIDER can be equipped with several types of multichannel probes:

- Non-contact EMAT array probe for detection of laminations;

- UT-probe with Array of piezo-crystals to detect laminations

  and zones with poor mechanical properties;

- Non-contact EMAT probe with transmitting/receiving Rayleigh

  acoustic waves to detect cracks (surface & sub-surface);

- Eddy Current array probe to detect cracks and zones

  with poor mechanical properties;

- UT phase array probe to detect cracks in both surfaces.






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