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Nordinkraft has a wide practical experience in development, design and implementation of complex equipment for automated ultrasonic testing of big-diameter pipes. Such systems are produced under the common name of NORDISCAN-PI.  

NORDISCAN-PI equipment can be used in the production line of any modern pipe plant and perform effective ultrasonic inspection of both longitudinal and spiral welded pipes made from carbon and alloy steel grades.


The Objects to Be Tested are:

- Welded Seam;

- Heat Affected Zone (HAZ);

- Both Pipe Ends;

      - Pipe body (at the discretion of Customer).

NORDISCAN-PI is the perfect instrument for reliable, highly productive, integrated examination of pipes in following sequence: examination of tubing stock – intermediate examination of welded seam and HAZ (just after a welding torch) – final examination (welded seam + HAZ + both ends).


Depending on the Test Standard requirements, NORDISCAN-PI can be equipped with different types of ultrasonic probes:

- Conventional Piezoelectric Probes (PEP);

      - Phased Array Probes (PA).

The type of transducers to be used depends mainly on the production conditions and the choice of the customer.

Conventional Piezoelectric Probes - are more simple, understandable, available and inexpensive devices. It should be noted that for weld inspection one needs quite a big number of these probes (16 and more PEP). Adjustment of such a system is not an easy task and requires high qualification of the personnel, experience and skills of team work. 

Phased arrays are state-of-the-art probes with software-controlled ultrasound excitation angles. Their use for weld inspection is highly effective. A single PA allows one to replace a theoretically unlimited number of discrete PEP. The overall dimensions of PEP and PA are the same!

Adjustment of a PA-based system for another pipe diameter takes less than one minute. No repositioning or alignment of probes is required.


Ultrasonic Examination Standards 

Density of Ultrasonic examination, test procedures, acceptance criteria, data processing and representation adhere to following international and local standards:


  DNV-OS-F-101 EN 10208      API 5L        ISO 3183-3     GOST R 52079







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