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EMATEST - WTM is a device for ultrasonic testing, which can measure a wall thickness of combustion engine parts with different metal alloy during the serial production.

Main field of appliance for EMATEST - WTM is measuring of remaining wall thickness of cylinder sleeves, which are built in engine block for enhancement. Thereby, measuring heads of barrel gauges equipped with EMAT – sensors will be contactless inserted in hollow space of frame in order to undertake a precise measurement according to pre-set parameters.

The wall thickness measurement can be processed during each stage of manufacturing for other construction elements besides the cylinder sleeves:

- as intermediate examination before subsequent treatment;

- as for finishing quality conformance test after processing;

- by test measurement at experimental laboratory;

- for monitoring of material wearing on construction elements of test objects, etc…

The standard configuration includes 12 channels for simultaneously wall thickness measurement at 4 measuring points in all 3 cylinders of engine block. Measuring can be successively applied at several different levels. This configuration can be adapted for technical requirements of customer and in accordance to the characteristics of test object.

Two basic methods can be applied for processing of measurement:

- resonance method (0,5 – 5,0 mm);

- echo method (5,0 – 50,0 mm).

The thickness measurement range is within the limits of 0,5 – 5,0 mm. Appliance of contactless measurements will be realized on the inside of cylinder sleeves built in engine block or on other construction elements.


Main parameters of the test stations:

- Test capacity: about 20 - 25 engines per Hour, including loading/unloading;

- Wall thickness measurement accuracy: +/- 10 μ;

- Cracks to be detected (Notch, Depth x Length): 0,15 mm x 15mm;

- Detection of poor coupling areas (points): 5 mm x 5 mm;

- Duration of training for operators: 8 Hours;

- Number of operators: 1;

- Total weight of equipment: about 500 kg;

- Installation area: 2m x 2m on floor;

- Time for installation: about 2 Hours.





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