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On-line ultrasonic testing equipment EMATEST-PL is a perfect and effective instrument for fully automatic, non-contact ultrasonic examination of body and edges of plates made of steel of magnetic grades.

The system detects imperfections in plates to which, in particular, belong laminations, non-metallic inclusions, holes, shells, sponge areas etc.


    Main Features

    -  High quality test: smart, sensitive and reliable;

    -  Non-contact ultrasonic probes (EMAT) do not need adjustments or calibrations;

    -  Very convenient maintenance. No service for probes is needed.

       Probes do not change their physical properties in the testing course;

    -  No wasting time at changing dimensions of plates;

    -  Highly reproducible and stable results as the probes do not need

       any medium to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves;

    -  Wide range of plate temperature (from -25°C to +400°C or even higher) is allowed;

    -  Vastly superior noise immunity compared to piezo-probes;

    -  Fully automatic mode of operation;

    -  No water consumption results in annual saving of several million litters

       of high quality water;

    -  High productivity: examination speed is up to 2 m/s;

    -  No corrosion of plates, and of roller conveyor;

    -  No evaporation: environment and electronics are safe.


      Ultrasonic Examination Standards 

Density of Ultrasonic examination, test procedures, acceptance criteria, data processing and representation adhere to following international and local standards:


       API5L GB/T 2970                                    GB/T 9711
       ASTM А578/А578М                          JIS G0801  GB/t3091
       BS 5996 JIS G0901  SY/T5768
       DNV-OS-F101 (2007) GOST 22727  GB/T21835
       EN 10160 SEL 072  JIS G3444
       EN 10246-15 SHELL   ASTMA53
       ISO 12094 JB 4730  ASTMA


If necessary, testing and acceptance criteria can be modified, upgraded, or the new standards can be added.







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