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EMATEST-PI is the well-known, industry-approved, effective solution for fully automatic non-contact ultrasonic examination of pipe body and both pipe ends. Key feature of the EMATEST-PI systems is application of state-of-the-art non-contact EMAT probes for fast and reliable pipes examination in accordance with the most common international acceptance norms.


     EMATEST-PI can solve the following industrial tasks:

- Detection of longitudinal end transversal defects in inner

  and outer surfaces of the pipe body and both ends;

- Precise wall thickness measurement (accuracy is +/- 0.05 mm)

  and laminations detection in pipe body and both ends.


Depending on the organization of the transport line at the Customer site, NORDISCAN-BB can have at least two different configurations:

- Pass-through configuration, when the pipes are spirally transported through

  the test station (reference configuration: EMATEST-PI-180);

- Portal-based configuration: a pipe is put into rotation; the Test Unit performs its scanning

  by moving along the rotating pipe (reference configuration: EMATEST-PI-460).

Constructively pipe body and ends testing stations can be supplied as the independent systems or to be combined in one multifunctional Test Unit.


Main Features

- Non-contact examination does not require any coupling. No consumption of water,

  no environmental and technical problems with water recycling, no problem with

  equipment operation in winter, because of frozen water;

- No corrosion of the tested material and equipment because no water is needed;

- No need for change of probes in the testing of tubes with different diameters.

  The adjustment for different diameters is fast and intelligent;

- Unique Probe Suspension System does not require complicated adjustment at

  changing the tubes diameters. System re-adjustment for the other tube diameter

  takes only several minutes;

- Equipment operates at a very wide range of temperatures: from -20°C to +400°C;

- Very small untested zone at ends, for longitudinal and lamination and wall thickness

  measurement systems the untested zone is not more than 10 mm, for transversal

  system the untested zone is not more than 10 mm+h (h: wall thickness);

- Defects located on both inner and outer surface of tubes can be distinguished

  reliably in the whole range of tube’s wall thickness. The detection of the tube inner wall

  defects in the production mix is guaranteed, and defect signal for the inner surface

  and outer surface can be distinguished for all the products in the production mix;

- The pipes with natural flaws can be recognized clearly;

- Highest level of precision and reliability of wall thickness measurement, testing

  accuracy can reach to ±0.05 mm;

- Laminations located very close to the surfaces can be detected reliably

  (for example 1.2 mm);

- Excellent noise immunity ability;

- Fully automated, highest level of reliability and reproducibility of ultrasonic

  examination results;

- In-line technical support and malfunctions diagnostics.









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