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EMATEST-EC system is intended for automated ultrasonic non-contact testing of the electronic components like multilayer ceramic capacitors, ferrite components and similar elements.

An ultrasonic non-contact method of detecting of detrimental imperfections in electronic components comprises the following sequence:

- Bringing a Component to be tested into the active area of the EMAT-probe

  generated electromagnetic pulses;

- Transforming of some part of these pulses energy into the energy

  of free mechanical vibrations of the Component;

- Receiving of electromagnetic response caused by the mechanical vibrations

  above by means of the same EMAT;

- Analysing of the above response by comparing of its parameters with the respective

  parameters of the reference (healthy) Component and making corresponding conclusion

  on the quality of the Component to be tested;

- Removing the Component from the active area and sorting it according to the test results.


Main Features

- Test process is fast: result can be received practically immediately after brining

  the Component into the test area. Theoretically, one initial pulse generated by EMAT

  is enough to get the response and determine the status of the Component. In this case

  Components can move or fly along the test unit in non-stop mode;

- Test process is simple and intelligent;

- No couplant is needed;

- Test result is not critical to the position of the Component at the test area;

- Test process is very reliable as even the small defect is able to completely

  destroy resonant vibration of the Component;

- Test process can be fully automatic. Advantages 1 and 2 facilitate automatization

  enabling the test process of very high capacity: for example, 20 Components per

  second can be easily tested;

- Due to the advantages above – no human factor influence is provided.





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