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EMATEST–WIRE continues the good tradition of Nordinkraft’s classic products: clever and effective design, sophisticated software with a user-friendly interface, powerful test electronics, and of course, the hallmark of our products - the exceptional EMAT probes.

This sophisticated set of equipment is intended for automated non-contact ultrasonic examination of bars or rolled wire for any sort of internal or surface defects - fast and reliably. 


 Main Features 

     - Very reliable examination for both surface and internal defects;

- Non-contact examination does not require any couplant. No consumption of water.

  No environmental and technical problems with water recycling;

- No corrosion of the material. After examination the bar or rolled wire keep their

  original and marketable state;

- No influence of vibrations or speed variations. Very high test capacity;

- Test Unit may be removed from the line or brought to the line at any time.  

  Assessment and determination on the detected raw data can be done both online

  and off-line by the system;

- Calibration is fully automatic. Bottom signals (internal defects) and round passed

  signals (external defects)

  will be used for the automatic calibration of the UT-equipment;

- Equipment is very simple for practical use. It DOES NOT require good and

  qualified service team;

- Ultrasonic flaw detection equipment has the highest degree of automation level.

  It can automatically assess the defects in accordance with the adjusted sensitivity;

- UTE reserves possibility to manually modify or upgrade the ultrasonic flaw detection

  or evaluation criteria. Operator is able to add new flaw evaluation rules into

  the operation list;

- All the electronics, automatics and PC-related elements have self-diagnosis functions

  and automatic power-off protection. Diagnosis includes the diagnosis of system hardware,

  the communications testing for each unit, each channel in the probes, as well as testing

  the ability of the flaw inspection. At the same time, the system is able to save ultrasonic

  flaw detection equipment operating parameters and can set the equipment automatically

  based on flaw detection requirements;

- Installation, commissioning, personnel training and final acceptance all take place

  within just one week;

- Nordinkraft guaranties extremely stable and durable probes operation.

  Their life duration is more than 1 Year.





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