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NORDISCAN-BB is a family of systems intended for a reliable automatic ultrasonic examination of bars, billets and rails. The test can be performed on-line or off-line.


NORDISCAN-BB can solve the following industrial tasks:

- Detection of  surface and sub-surface defects.

  The reference depth of cracks to be detected starts from 0,2 mm;

      - Detection of inner defects, like shrink holes, insulation, blowholes, inclusions, etc.

        Reference size of reflectors starts from 0.8 mm for aluminium bars/billets

        and 1.2 mm for steel bars/billets.


Depending on the Testing requirements, NORDISCAN-BB can be equipped with different types of multichannel ultrasonic probes:

     - Non-contact array probes, based on the EMAT;

- UT phase array probes;

- UT probes with the array of piezo-crystals.


Depending on the organization of the transport line at the Customer site, NORDISCAN-BB can have at least two different configurations:

     - Pass-through configuration, when the bars are transported

       by the regular roller conveyor through the test station;

     - Portal-based configuration: a bar is put into rotation;

       the Test Unit performs its scanning moving along the rotating bar. 


Ultrasonic Examination Standards 

NORDISCAN-BB meets at least the following international standards and specifications:


  EN 10228 ASTM E2375 – 08 (2013) NADCAP
  EN 10308 ASTM D857 BAC 5439-3 (Boeing)
  EN2004-2 ASTM B594 IGC 04.25.116
  EN 10084 AMS-STD-2154 BSS7055 (Boeing)
  ASTM A898/A898M AMS 2630 ABP 6-5232 (Airbus)
  BS 970 ASTM A350 GOST 21120-75
  prEN4050 SEP 1920/ SEP 1921 GOST 1050-88


If necessary, the testing and acceptance criteria can be modified, upgraded, or the new standards can be added to the operating list.






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