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Set of automatic testing equipment ALUTEST-PL is intended for fully automatic, very fast, extremely smart, and precise ultrasonic and eddy current examination of plates (cast and rolled) according to the strictest internationally accepted norms.

ALUTEST-PL is based on application of the Array and Phase Array technologies allowing a reliable detection of as small as 0,8 mm defects through the whole plate thickness with quite little untested zones.

The plates to be tested can be made of different metals such as aluminium, titanium, steel etc.


 Main Features 

- Possibility to test plates/ingots with in wide range of thicknesses from 5 mm to 800 mm;

- Internal defects to be detected: FBH 0,8 mm through almost the whole thickness;

- Surface defects to be detected: notch 20 mm long, 0,2 mm in depth;

- Reference test capacity, for plates 8000mm x 3000mm:

  for FBH 0,8 mm – three plates per hour;

  for FBH 2,0 mm – six plates per hour;

- Plate, ingot drying after the test – no corrosion after the test;

- Physical methods applied: Phased Array and Array Ultrasonic

  (internal and subsurface) and Array Eddy Current (surface);

- The Test Unit is driven by an Industrial Robot. Therefore,

   the scanning process is precise, fast and very reliable;

- Calibration process is fully automatic: according to a special program the robot brings

  the test unit to the reference blocks area and performs static and dynamic calibration 

  of the flaw detecting sensors and test electronics.


  Ultrasonic Examination Standards

ALUTEST-PL meets but is not limited to the following international and local standards:


      AMS-STD-2154 NADCAP                          prEN4050
      BSS7055 (Boeing) AMS 2630 ASTM D857
      EN2004-2 BAC 5439-3 (Boeing) ASTM B594
      ASTM E2375 – 08 (2013) IGC 04.25.116 ABP 6-5232 (Airbus)


If necessary, testing and acceptance criteria can be modified, upgraded, or the new standards can be added.







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