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ALUTEST-BB is a completely modern set of equipment based on truly revolutionary principles for an extremely precise and smart examination of bars made of aluminium, titanium, steel, etc.

ALUTEST-BB performs a fully automatic ultrasonic examination of bars for internal defects, their automatic conductivity measurement, sophisticated marking and sorting. All the functions meet the strictest internationally accepted norms.

The design philosophy of ALUTEST-BB allows one to avoid any influence of a so-called “Human Factor” not only on the test results, but on test and calibration procedures as well.


Main Features

- NO rotation of bar, NO rotation of UT-probes;

- The same set of probes is applicable for the entire

  range of diameters without any re-adjustments;

- Full coupling of bars moving in a water tank;

- Range of bar diameters, mm: 10 - 110;

- Range of bar length, mm: 2000 - 6000;

- Internal defects to be detected: FBH 0,8 mm;

- Coverage of the UT: almost 100% except very small untested zones

  (it's natural for ultrasonic examination in general);

- Conductivity measurement - automatic, at both ends;

- Reference test capacity: up to 100 bars per hour

  (it's calculated for bars with d=30mm, L= 4000mm);

- Bar is dried after the test;

- Individual automatic marking for every bar:  body - with ink,

  both ends – by mechanical marking;

- Automatic calibration – both for UT and Conductivity measurement;

- Automatic sorting;

- Physical methods applied: Ultrasonic (Ring of probes, for internal defects)

  and Eddy Current (conductivity measurements).


  Ultrasonic Examination Standards 

ALUTEST-BB meets but is not limited to the following international and local standards:


      AMS-STD-2154 NADCAP                         prEN4050
      BSS7055 (Boeing) AMS 2630 ASTM D857
      EN2004-2 BAC 5439-3 (Boeing) ASTM B594
      ASTM E2375 – 08 (2013) IGC 04.25.116 ABP 6-5232 (Airbus)

 If necessary, testing and acceptance criteria can be modified, upgraded, or the new standards can be added.






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