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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

EMA method


1.Tell me about advantages of EMA method?



2.So the EMA method is absolute/perfect?




Portable EMA thickness gauge NKD-019E “Ultrasonic”


1. What is the main purpose of this device?

2. So it is also flaw detector?

3. What is the measurement range of “Ultrasonic”?

4. Want is a main distinctive characteristic form the competitors?

5. Which materials can be tested by EMAT thickness gauge? 

6. The sound velocity strongly depends from the test object temperature. Is a measurement results at extremely high temperature will have a big deviation?

7. What kind of qualification should have the “Ultrasonic” user/operator?

8 Why your device is so big? Can you make it smaller?

9. Why you decide to use standard accumulators? May be it will be better to use spesial accumulator, and charge it together with device?

10. Is it possible to change the device from the power socket?

11. Is it possible to test welded seams by means of this device?

12. How small can theoretically be the EMAT?

13. What is maximum possible length of cable?

14. Is it possible to upgrade the device and add the function for…?


15. Will you develop new devices?


 Other Questions

 1.  At least, one of your few competitors says their generator units, used for the EMAT equipment and located in hermetic boxes, are not heated and consume eight time less power in comparison with the similar ones made by the other companies (obviously having in mind Nordinkraft).  Can you comment such a statement? 




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