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Quality management systems

 Quality management systems

Highest quality due to quality awareness 

The management system of Nordinkraft AG complies with all requirements of DIN ISO 9001: 2015.

Our aim is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers completely or even to surpass them and to be a reliable partner. In order to meet these high-quality standards and to secure the long-term constancy of the quality of our products and services, the concept of quality is integrated into the daily work of all employees. So our products, processes and procedures and our management system are continually developed in the daily work process in order to meet market and customer requirements.

Through continuous training and development of our employees as well as through the purchase of high-quality materials, we guarantee our customers a sustainable quality standard.

The problem analysis and documentation are the essential task of our QM-System and allow us to meet all requirements of international quality systems.

The measurement results and check data of our UT Systems are e.g. meticulously documented in order to provide important historical data for continuous improvement of quality.

Nordinkraft is entrusted with quality assurance for all our customers around the world because we are THE QUALITY GUARD!



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