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D-75196 Remchingen, Germany

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Patents & certificates

Patents & certificates

The “Patent Umbrella” that was created by OOO “Company Nordinkraft” provides secure protection for the inventions and innovations made by Nordinkraft and is effective for all Members of NORDINKRAFT GROUP.

The “Patent Umbrella” includes approx. 50 patents, as of international, and more than 25 applications for an invention, which all together build a rigid barrier against potential copy paste and infringers.

Technical description of our patents and inventions you can find at the homepage of FIPS „Federal Institute of Industrial Property“. Construction elements and other components of the equipment developed by Nordinkraft, e.g.:

- Electronic circuit boards;

- Backplanes of automation systems;

- Software

are protected by copyright. The schemes of electronic circuit boards as well as theirs pattern and configuration, backplanes and boards for signal processing with integrated algorithms and software are protected by copyright else.


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