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Nordinkraft  AG 
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D-75196 Remchingen, Germany

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Nordinkraft develops and manufactures modern high-tech equipment for non-destructive examination of products in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgical plants as well as in the energy sector, and in the machine building, automotive and airspace industries.

There are three key technologies of non-destructive examination being successfully developed and industrially applied by Nordinkraft:

-       Non-contact EMAT-Technology;

-       Phased-Array Technology;

-       Conventional technology based on the conventional piezo-probes application.

These technologies are the basis for our main products: sets of Automatic Testing Equipment for massive industrial application.



We are the leading Quality Guard.

It means we are striving for opening minds for the innovation of new environmentally friendly philosophy of ultrasonic testing, for bringing the modern EMAT and Phase Array techniques into the world industry for their massive application.



Our mission is to be always The Quality Guard.

We are a well-adjusted, experienced, and qualified team having ambitious but extremely realistic common goals:

to bring our innovative technology into the routine of the world industry.



We are the first and the only company in the world, which brings the EMAT technology to the industrial application.

Testing of materials by means of EMAT is performed without a coupling medium. In most of practical cases water in great amounts is a coupling medium for all the conventional UTE (Ultrasonic testing equipment), produced by our competitors. 

Consequently, application of the EMAT allows to test faster, intelligent, in incredibly wide ranges of ambient and materials temperatures: at least from -50°C to +720°C.

EMAT saves water and prevents corrosion.

The above feature allows an effective in-line application of the EMAT Technology. In-line quality materials examination brings a lot of technical advantages such as:

-       Fast feed-back and possibility to immediately correct the technological process;

-       Effective logistics and low operation costs etc.


 We would love to hear from you and help you ensure high quality standards in your products.

 Nordinkraft - Your Quality Guard!



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